St.Clair's Tea Centre
St. Clair Estate, Talawakelle

Located in scenic tea capital of Sri Lanka, the Nuwara Eliya District, St. Clair's Tea Center is strategically placed in view of the breathtaking Devon Falls, whose picturesque setting and cool environs draw many visitors each year. Travellers are treated to a visual feast of vast lush green vistas, and interesting attractions nearby such as the vintage Devon Colonial Plantation Bungalow – which was built over 150 years ago – as well as the Upper Kotmale Power Station.

Visitors to St. Clair's Tea Centre can enjoy a diverse variety of aromatic, delicious freshly brewed teas to complement the chilly weather of the highlands, along with the famous chocolate cake loved by travelers for many years. Factory fresh and value added teas are available for purchase, while bulk orders are also accepted.

Private and group tours to the St. Clair's tea factory are a special feature that many take advantage of during holidays.