Excelsior Collection

Excelsior Collection
Ceylon Silver Tips

ST. CLAIR’S Ceylon Silver Tips is a rare white tea, made from specially selected and carefully handpicked finest silver haired buds of a special variety of tea bush. It is very rare because of extremely limited production quantity and the meticulous process of sun drying of delicate, long sliver haired buds shielding from direct sunlight, just to evaporate natural moisture.

This elegant Ceylon Silver Tips brews to pale yellow straw-coloured liquor with light, sweet, smooth, sublime flavour and a hint of floral bouquet on the palate.

Excelsior Collection
Ceylon Golden Tips

ST.CLAIR’S Ceylon Golden Tips is a very rare exclusive tea made from carefully handpicked premium silver haired buds of a special tea cultivar. The specially selected silver tips are withered under natural air and then passed through a moderate heat generated by firewood heaters to become Golden Tips.

The neat and long golden tips known as golden needles dazzle with savory aroma gives a sweet, smooth and flowery bouquet with luxurious indulgence.

Excelsior Collection
FBOPF Special Tea

ST. CLAIR’S FBOPF Special tea comes from the award winning New Vithanakande Tea factory, perched high up in the fresh, pure air of Ratnapura, the fabled “City of Gems”. The unique hilltop environment and the rich, fertile climate perfectly blended with surrounding world famous Sinharaja Rain Forest, a declared world heritage site, induce the inherited quality characteristics of New Vithnakande Teas.

Regular rainfall prompts vigorous growth and lush bush harvests and these finest quality tea leaves are handpicked by the small holder tea growers.

New Vithanakande Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings Special Tea (FBOPFSP) is shorter semi leaf, well twisted with a prominent presence of shiny golden tips brews to aromatic orange-red liquor with an almost indefinable mellow character and irresistible look.

Excelsior Collection
Extra Special Tea

ST. CLAIR’S Finest Extra Special tea is the finest produce from New Vithanakande Tea Factory located at the proximity of the world famous Sinharaja Rain Forest, a declared world heritage site. The purest water springs and purified air systems contribute to the unique characteristics of New Vithanakande Teas handpicked by the small holder tea growers.

New Vithanakande Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings Extra Special (FBOPFEXSP) is a specialty because of its unique honey, caramel boutique and its limited production which is only two percent of the total production. Unbroken, dark long leaf, well-rolled with buds coloured between gold and silver, brew to a mahogany colour, very limpid cup with a hint of acidity.

Excelsior Collection
Moray Seedling Tea

ST.CLAIR’S Seedling Tea is a unique special tea product comes from Moray Estate uniquely and picturesquely located in the Agro Climatic District of Maskeliya in the Western Highlands bordering Mousakelle Reservoir. The estate nestles at the foot hills of the world renowned sacred mountain called Adams Peak referred to as “Sri Paada”.

Corfu, Rajamalay and Delhouse divisions of the Moray Estate were planted in the period of 1902-1904 with Chinese origin tea seedlings. It is the understanding that seedling tea infuses the unique characteristic of Moray Tea with bright thick coloury cup with rosier hue.

Specially and carefully handpicked 110 Year old Chinese seedling tea leaves are processed in limited volumes at Moray Tea Factory ensuring the standalone process at every step to preserve its quality and the character.

Excelsior Collection
Black Roses Hand Rolled Tea

ST. CLAIR’S Black Roses is hand rolled tea is a wonderful creation through the finger tips of dedicated female workers of a world renowned tea factory in the Sabaragamuwa Region of Sri Lanka coming from the small holder grower families in the surrounding area.

Long, tender, naturally withered, individual tea leaves are meticulously hand rolled and tightened to form a shape of rose and then passes through the drying process. Due to its nature of meticulous process, delicate handling and very limited quantity, the product is highly priced.

When poured with hot water, the tightened roses are slowly uncurled and whole tea leaves are brewed to pale yellow colour, delicate and soothing liquor with a honey caramel hint.

Excelsior Collection
Nuwara Eliya PEKOE

NuwaraEliya is the most rugged and mountainous with the highest average elevation at 1,868m (6,128ft). The air cool and bracing has winds scented with eucalyptus and wild mint. With moderate rainfall during the dry season, cold and frosty nights make for its unique climate and its terrain ensures a tea recognized by connoisseurs as among the finest – if not the finest – in the world.

NuwaraEliya enjoys two ‘quality seasons’ the eastern and western. The tea has a rarefied and refined quality that easily sets it apart from low-growns. High altitude and year-round low temperatures produce a very slow-growing bush with unusually small leaves that take on an orange hue – only a hint against the blackness – after withering. The infused leaf is greenish-yellow and the infusion in the cup is the palest with a subtle golden hue and a delicate yet fragrant bouquet.

Excelsior Collection
Uda Pussellawa PEKOE

This region is between Kandy and Uva, on the eastern slopes of the hill country. Though small and thinly-populated it is almost entirely dedicated to tea cultivation. Due to its location, Uda Pussellawa enjoys climatic conditions very different from those of the western regions. Receiving the bulk of its weather from the northeast monsoon system between November and January, the climate is mostly wet and misty. It also enjoys some ‘blow-over’ from the southwest monsoon between June and September, so with two ‘quality seasons’, Uda Pussellawa at a somewhat lower elevation of 950m – 1,600m (3,000 – 5,000ft) produces tea which is darker in the cup, with a pinkish hue and a hint of greater strength. So the eastern quality season produces the best teas of the year. The dry, cold conditions during the latter period, adds a hint of rose to the bouquet of tea known for its medium body and subtle character.

Excelsior Collection

Uva is Sri Lanka’s most remote province. Access to its provincial capital Badulla is over steep winding mountainous routes. The hills and winds of Uva impart a special unmistakable character and flavor to the tea that grows there, one that is highly-prized by trader and connoisseur alike.

The uniqueness of Uva tea is recognized all over the world and it was with this tea that the great Victorian magnate Sir Thomas Lipton persuaded Americans to take up tea drinking. Experts credit this unique character to the Uva climate which is exposed to both northeast and southwest monsoon system winds. The weather is relatively dry during the ‘quality season’ and yet the climatic balance in each slope is governed by orientation and exposure; deep passes or gaps funnel the monsoon through.

Excelsior Collection
Dimbula BOPSP

Between the two high plateau of NuwaraEliya and Horton Plains lies the tea-growing district of Dimbula, the name derived from the valley which lies at the heart of the region. It is also part of the true Mayarata, or land of illusions, attributed to being the haunt of demons and evil spirits where few ventured to. With an elevation of only 1,250m (400ft), it is still specified as ‘high grown’. The teas of the district were found to produce a distinctive flavor, prized by tea-lovers to this day. Dimbula yields the best teas during the ‘quality season’ of March to early April when the air is cool and crisp by day and cold and windy at night. The character of Dimbula teas is a fine golden-orange hue in the cup with a distinctive freshness that leaves a clean feeling in the mouth.

Excelsior Collection
Kandy FBOP

This is the tea-growing district where it all began, when James Taylor, the pioneer of Ceylon tea started the first plantation. Tea grown in the Kandyan region is described as ‘mid-grown’, at an altitude between 650m and 1,300m (2,000 – 4,000ft). The weather mainly influenced by the southwest monsoons with winds blowing up the mountain passes is diffused in the valleys. As a result the tea that is produced is stronger and deeper-coloured than the rest of the region. The teas of the Kandy region are thought to be flavorsome though its strength is inversely proportionate to the elevation they are grown in. The tea grown at higher elevations are smaller leaf with a more subtle and delicate flavor. ‘Grades’ or leaf-particle sizes range from whole-leaf and semi-broken grades through broken orange pekoes or ‘BOPs’ to BOP fannings. Kandy teas produce a relatively bright infusion with a coppery tone.

Excelsior Collection
Sabaragamuwa BOP 1

Sri Lanka’s biggest tea-growing region has increased in importance since the expansion of markets for Ceylon tea to the Middle East and the former Soviet Union. The teas are mainly low-grown with elevation ranging from sea level to around 800m (2,500ft). The Sabaragamuwa tea-growing district covers most of the western and southwestern faces of the central mountains of Sri Lanka. The tea shows a little more variation in character compared with the other low-grown tea of Ruhuna. It is a dark yellow-brown with a reddish tint in the dry season. The ‘nose’ or aroma is noticeably different from ruhuna with a hint of sweet caramel and not quite as strong. This is due to the reduced exposure to the monsoon.

Excelsior Collection
Ruhuna BOP 1

The Ruhuna tea-growing district lies in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. The terrain of coastal plain with low hills towards the interior lies mostly in the western part of the province, within the wet zone watered by the southwest monsoon. Ruhuna teas are defined as ‘low grown’. The tea estates of the region all lie at altitudes between sea level and 600m (2000ft). Although the main tea-growing areas are relatively near the coast, the predominant weather patterns prevent them from receiving the full force of the southwest monsoon winds and the rain they bring. Ruhuna factories produce a wide variety of leaf styles and sizes, from prized ‘tips’ through whole and semi-whole leaf teas to ‘fannings’ and CTC (cut, twist and curl) teas.

Excelsior Collection
Lovers Leap PEKOE

ST. CLAIR’S Single Garden Tea Collection brings you the finest teas from Nuwara-Eliya Region, LOVERS LEAP PEKOE, a cup of tea born with the underlying spirit of true love.

Lovers Leap is a selling mark of Pedro Estate, Nuwara-Eliya situated at an elevation of 5,700 feet above the sea level. It is a story of true lovers embraced for one last time, held hands and jumped off the mountain of Pidurutalagala. History does not record their names, but since that fateful escapade, the waterfall nearby, is called Lover's Leap. Pedro Estate tea factory is a brief walk away from the waterfall.

Pedro Estate enjoys its peak quality in February – March characterized by astringent, lively and delightful flavor. Induced by the regional characteristic of delicately fragrant cup of tea, infused leaf of LOVERS LEAP PEKOE acquires a greenish-yellow tone with a liquor of subtle golden hue being the palest among all the regional varieties of Ceylon Tea.

Excelsior Collection
Luckyland PEKOE

ST. CLAIR’S Single Garden Tea Collection offers you an excellent cup of garden fresh tea from our own plantations in Uda Pussellawa Region, LUCKYLAND PEKOE.

Luckyland Estate is situated in Badulla District in the UVA Province at an elevation of 1,200m to 1,600m in Uda Pussellawa agro climatic region was first planted in late 1890’s by Fred Whittall a scion of the great British/ Turkish mercantile family. The estate lies on montane meadow closer to Hakgala Natural Reserve with ample bio diversity of Flora and Fauna surrounded by a profusion of palms, brilliant yellow cassias and a whole host of other flowering trees.

Inherited with Uda Pusselawa exquisitely tangy characteristic, LUCKYLAND PEKOE offers a slightly darker cup than Nuwara-Eliya teas with a pinkish hue and a hint of greater strength. During the Eastern quality season from June to September estate produces the best quality cup with a natural bouquet of a hint of rose will be added to the cup.

Excelsior Collection
Hindagala BOP

ST. CLAIR’S Single Garden Tea Collection offers you an excellent cup of garden fresh tea from our own plantations in UVA Region, HINDAGALA FBOP.

This estate was initially known as HINDUKOLLAI (meaning Hindu Colony) and subsequently named as HINDAGALA by a school master in 1895. The Estate is uniquely and picturesquely located in the agro climatic district of Namunukula in the Uva region and was originally planted in 1878 with Chinese old seedling teas by the European Planters. Hindagala Estate has a division called Kaloogalla, where the tea lovers can enjoy the beautiful view of sunrise and the breathtaking view from East coastal line to South Coastal line of Sri Lanka.

The estate being uniquely located in the Uva region at an elevation of over 4,500 feet above mean sea level, its exotically aromatic characteristics with mellow, smooth taste prevail in the cup of HINDAGALA FBOP tea. During the most famed Uva Quality season from July to September, the desiccated monsoon winds, hot days and cold nights bring about chemical changes result in tea of a pungent, slightly mentholated character.

Excelsior Collection
Craig BOP

Excelsior Collection
Laxapana BOPSP

ST. CLAIR’S Single Garden Tea Collection offers you an excellent cup of garden fresh tea from our own plantations in Dimbula Region, LAXAPANA BOPSP.

Laxapana estate, picturesquely located in Maskeliya at an elevation of 4,100 ft (1,260m) above mean sea level, overlooking the Mousakellie Reservoir in the Western High grown sector of Central highlands is a gateway to the world famous sacred mountain, Adam’s Peak. The estate is surrounded by several beautiful waterfalls cascade from the Peak wilderness and highly rich with an extraordinary range of Flora and Fauna, including several endangered species.

The unique art of fine plucking of lush green tea leaves and seedling tea which are over 100 years old comprising more than 100 varieties of China Jat originating from China and Broader Leaf Assamica originating from Assam, India contributes to the unique characteristics of LAXAPANA BOP Special Tea inherited with the Dimbula character producing a fine golden-orange hue in the cup, with a distinctive freshness to the flavour that leaves a clean feeling in the mouth after the tea is drunk.

Excelsior Collection

ST. CLAIR’S Single Garden Tea Collection offers you an excellent cup of garden fresh tea from our own plantations in Dimbula Region, MORAY BOPSP.

Moray estate is uniquely and picturesquely located in the Agro Climatic District of Maskeliya in the Western Highlands at an elevation of 4,300 ft (1,320m) above mean sea level, nestling at the foot hills of the legendary and World renowned sacred Mountain called Adams Peak and bordering the Mousakellie Reservoir. As per the records available, the estate was first planted during 1922 to 1932.

Lush green tea fields beautifully surrounded by the Peak wilderness produce thick, coloury, rosier liquor inherited with the Dimbula regional character of mellow, refreshing cup of MORAY BOP Special tea. During the western quality season between March and May, quality character of the cup is enhanced with a hint of Jasmine mixed with cypress.