Classic Tea Bags

St. Clair’s® is the flagship brand of Maskeliya Tea Gardens Ceylon Limited, the tea marketing arm of the Richard Pieris Group, a diversified business conglomerate and the largest tea producer in Sri Lanka, managing three regional plantation companies - Maskeliya Plantations PLC, Namunukula Plantations PLC and Kegalle Plantations PLC - which together produce over 12 Mn kilos of tea per year. Our portfolio includes a diverse variety of value added and specialty teas, consistently vetted for quality and taste down to the last cup.

Ceylon Black Tea
Classic English Breakfast

St. Clair’s Classic English Breakfast Tea is a classic blend of premium tea leaves handpicked from the finest gardens in Ceylon. Full bodied with a robust and rich feel, this sumptuous brew tastes as delicious with or without milk and sugar.

Ceylon Black Tea
Classic English Afternoon

St. Clair’s Classic English Afternoon Tea is a bright, medium-bodied black tea with a delightful bouquet and rich aroma. This beautifully balanced, light blend is the perfect afternoon treat.

Ceylon Black Tea
Classic Supreme Ceylon

St. Clair’s Classic Supreme Ceylon Tea is a handcrafted blend sourced from lush tea gardens in Ceylon that produce some of the finest teas in the world. Perfect for any time of day, this warm brew epitomizes the best qualities of Ceylon tea with its rich, brisk and supreme savour.

Ceylon Black Tea
Classic Earl Gray

St Clair's Earl Grey Tea is a sumptuous blend of Ceylon black tea delicately scented with the citrusy oil of the Bergamot Orange. This delicious cup of aromatic tea can be savoured with or without milk and sugar.

Ceylon Black Tea
Classic Lemon

St. Clair’s Classic Lemon Tea combines a fresh aroma and tangy citrus flavor in a revitalising cup that is brimming with anti-oxidants and invigorating flavor.

Ceylon Green Tea
Classic Green

St. Clair’s Classic Green Tea is a refreshing, bright cup that retains its natural, distinctive flavour with a subtle touch of astringency to finish off an exceptional Ceylon green tea experience.